We provide a wide array of specialised advisory and strategic services for our clients.

Investment Management

This service provides clients with a written investment policy statement (IPS) laying out the investment strategy, a portfolio designed based on the IPS, and ongoing portfolio monitoring and reviews. Your risk tolerance, goals, tax position, time horizon and cash flows are all considered in the development of the IPS and portfolio. We believe that efficient tax management is a crucial part of portfolio design and determination of how much spendable money you can withdraw from your portfolio and how sustainable your spending can be. We prefer to use low cost, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are designed to maximize your returns and minimize your costs.

Financial Planning

ACM develops comprehensive financial plans that provide a clear roadmap for the client's financial future. Specific goals and needs are addressed, and clients are presented with several "what if" scenarios. Plans are easy to read, written in plain English with clear action plans. Financial plans cover the following areas, as applicable: asset class and fund allocation, retirement planning, Social Security benefit maximization, tax planning, education planning, insurance planning, cash management, and estate planning.

Ira/401k/403b Rollovers

Unfortunately, 45% of workers that leave their jobs elect a cash distribution from their employer sponsored retirement plans. The truth is that cashing out your deferred retirement plan can cost you as much as 40% in taxes and penalties. ACM assists clients transfer their assets to an IRA ensuring they maintain their tax-deferred status. By rolling your 401k, 403b or other retirement plan into a Rollover IRA clients get flexible investment choices while their investments continue to grow tax deferred.

Hourly Services

Great for clients needing help maximizing their Social Security Benefits, and/or for self-directed investors who may simply need a second opinion regarding the state of their financial affairs. Young couples and individuals who may be just starting to build for their financial futures, and/or middle-income folks who may have been turned away from traditional wealth management and financial planning firms because they do not meet account and net worth minimums. In addition, because we work solely for our clients on a Fee-Only basis, there are no third-party agendas to cloud our thinking.

Investing in securities involves a risk of loss that you, as a client, should be prepared to bear.